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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 2, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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rejoining us live on the phone, we have a muni spokesperson can you tell us what exactly the problem is? >> roups the wires came down near church station and right now we're trying to work to remove that train from that area. who this will go into the afternoon commute and we are working as fast as we can. >>reporter: we heard something about a bracket that holds the power lines is broken down and taking longer than expected to get fixed is that the case? >> that is the case and we are investigating the specific cause of the issue. and we want to get service back up and running as soon as possible. >>reporter: we are looking at a live picture of muni buses would you advise people to do in the meantime?
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>> we have more than two dozen shuttle buses in that area, so if you can catch one of those shuttles. >>reporter: there is no timeframe for when you expect to be back up and running? >> it will be at least a couple of hours to access the damage and did the repairs made. >>reporter: thank you as always for your time bottom line, k, l, m muni buses are down.--muni trains are down. they have and buses for you to travel. >>pam: now this is happening right now near mcdonald avenue. investigators say that there are several people inside the home that could be linked to a crime that happen in fremont. there is no word on what the crime is or how many people the police are trying to
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arrest. we have a crew on the way and will bring in a live report with the developing details shortly. another big story tonight, a kidnapping cold case its heat up quickly. just one day after a convicted killer revealed a new lead in the kidnapping of these little girl more than 20 years ago, police say they have more information that could finally explain what happened to michaela garretts. hear from her mother and what she thinks about this. >> new information in this case, this has been a new development in the investigation which involves a death row inmates seeking out and now kron4 news is learning about three separate credible leads that detectives are working on. this is a picture of a missing child kidnapped from the parking lot in hayward 23 years ago. the blond haired michaela and eric has
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not been seen since. police say they had received thousands of tips. they say they have called a national experts to follow up on the new leads. >> i cannot tell you a lot about the leads themselves with the exception to say that we see them as a viable because the totality of the circumstances. everything that goes into these indicates to us that they are plausible if not probable. so, we have to investigate those from end to end and see how they fare. >>reporter: they have called and experts for the national center of missing and exploited children to help the hayward detectives. >> what they do when they've provide the ball until it is that they give
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additional services and people to help. >>reporter: wesley sherman time claims that his accomplice the now deceased loran may be involved in the case. the lieutenant says that they are continuing to follow up on that separate lead. currently sure if officials are dealing with him and hoping that he would tell them where he buried several victims. >> we hope that he continues to be cooperative but, we do have to be concerned with some of the investigations and we do not want to do anything to compromise that. >>reporter: we spoke with her mother who says that she
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is not getting a hold on this new lead. >> her mother agrees that this new information is compelling and worth checking out. >> it is very similar to the sketch. >> understand he has family in castro valley that could put him in the area. >> she is grateful that the
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new leader has brought the case back into the spotlight. >> whenever her story comes up again i'm always hopeful that she will see the coverage and see that we are still looking for her. >>reporter: a santa cruz mountain high school and state park are on alert this evening a man grabbed a 14 year-old girl in the area as she was jogging along the trail while she was jogging at the school. he is described as a white man in his forties. here is the description. >>reporter: the 14 yds to give a ninth grader here at san leandro high school. she was jogging on one of the trails at jason to the
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athletic fields that students have safely done for years. she tells investigators said the man jumped from behind a tree and grass her from behind after a brief struggle she managed to escape a bit shaken up but unhurt. where the incident occurred it is a part of redmond state park. this borders the school property and there are some eight square miles of trails like this one. students often eat their lunch on one of the trails, which are easily accessed from one of the schools. those sketches of the suspects and fliers like this one are posted near the school. >>reporter: there has been another shooting outside of an open taco trucks. kron4 of yours may recall the shooting death of five year-
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old gabriel martinez jr. as he was standing next to his father outside of their family topple truck. if that happened on isn't-- international boulevard last december. oakland police have made no arrests in that case in the ticket it would happen in the recent shooting. >>reporter: the shooting took place right here in this parking lot. a worker step of the trouble during the process of cleaning up, two men approached him on foot, one holding a gun demanding money. we have learned that the top of a co-worker resisted the stick up a camp and then produced a gun of his own. >> i cannot go into the details of who shot first i can only tell you that there was gunfire exchange between the victim and the suspect. >>reporter: to topple shot driver suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was transferred to the hospital where he remained in stable condition. one of the to direct resuscitates was wounded in later arrested in
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connection with the crime after turning up at a local hospital emergency room. oakland police say to an additional persons of interest have been detained in connection to the shooting case. >>pam: this third food truck shooting case in east oakland cents in late 2011. oakland police are trying to take steps to keep food vendors safe in the area. >> we have increased patrols, and we have to start to see numerous robberies and assaults taking place at taco trucks. we also have our neighborhood service coordinators the work of the community regarding some of the top of a truck property. >>reporter: your hopelessly sick leaves are targeting the talk of trouble because of their late hours of
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operation and to deplete their only cash only businesses. >>jacqueline: it has been a warmer day out there today. temperatures are widespread. we will talk about this will stick around coming up. >>pam: still ahead at 5:00 p.m. the fight over how to fix the economy dominates the talk in washington. and on the campaign trail. pam >> while politicians continue to argue about what to do we get a preview of a new report on what millions of people are worried about, who jobs. and how did a soccer game spiral out of control into a deadly riot who is being blamed for the chaos that killed dozens of people? and we will show you an up close look at the moon like to have never seen before.
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with a one year term. at&t. >>pam: the outlook for the
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future it to center stage both on the campaign trail and in congress. ben bernanke said the nation's economy is the hon. and that opened up for any of political debate. emily is in washington with more. >>reporter: >>reporter: the federal reserve chairman told ben bernanke that things are improving gradually. >> the pace of the recovery has been frustrating the slow partly from the perspective of the millions of workers that remain unemployed or underemployed. >> it is clear the president's policies are not only not helping the economy, but it is making it worse. >>reporter: a government jobs report due friday is expected to show that the government added 130,000 jobs last month but there was a slow down in december. the national prayer breakfast, president obama push for a shared responsibility such as higher taxes for the
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wealthy. >> if i'm going to give something up as someone that has been extraordinarily blessed, to give up some of the tax breaks that i enjoy, i absolutely think that will make economic sense. >>reporter: new gingrich told a lot to this crowd that he disagrees. >> obama thinks he is so smart that he can come here and take from the overly happy to redistribute to the under lee happy that is nonsense. >>reporter: them for making says that the fed expects to keep the interest rates historically low until the end of 2014. the government thinks that recovery could be three years away, long after holders to choose their president. >>jacqueline: and live look outside from our mount tancam this afternoon to some high clouds streaming into the coastline. it was sunny and warmer out there today in the cloud coverage will stay close overnight.
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>>jacqueline: when into the afternoon we will see temperatures look at couple more degrees. >>jacqueline: here is a live
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in a satellite and radar pictures. look at the high pressure building in it is pushing well north. it brings us a little bit of a northerly wind. >>jacqueline: into sunday afternoon we have the rain rolling in and into monday afternoon and into tuesday. art >>reporter: we want to get back to a developing story we have a standoff in the work. we told you about this earlier. j.r. stone to lend
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us live with more, what is going on? >>reporter: right i have been under for several hours right now as a talk about this i want to step out of the way if you look off into the distance you can see all the law enforcement vehicles in the distant to now as to why they're out with a half and now the house of they have not told us why they surrounded this house in the have told neighbors in this area according to some of the people that i have talked with that the people inside, or at least some of the people may have involved in a very violent crime earlier this afternoon, or earlier this morning. you can't leave them alone of course it people were on the back lines of what is going on right now--but i can also tell you that we heard a number of loud bangs with the last three to four minutes. as with exactly that was, were the police firing anything inside we do not know. i do know from top
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to the neighbors and they saw two people to be taken into custody early this afternoon and if we are still in the midst of this of fladeboe board. in this is a four-lane street that is completely broke off right now. as we knew the tells will remove them to you on kron4 news. >>reporter: a california woman has won a lawsuit against honda that the fed drivers across the country. heather peters said the company misled her on the expected knowledge of her honda civic. she went to small claims court and have been awarded nearly $10,000. promised a 50 mpg and never back near that kind of knowledge. well, it is groundhog day me asap from the ground of being dragged from his cozy home by men in top hats. every february 2nd they go through this ritual so that the ground hog can predict where the are not the winter weather will end soon.
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>> as i let the crowd, many shadows do i see, six more weeks of winter it must been. >>reporter: a big crowd of people braved the cold. and this may be surprising to many people because much of the benefit has been enjoying an unseasonal leave him--and unseasonably warm winter. stay with us more news after this. ♪
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>>reporter: the state department of health is working to find that will cause a stomach flu outbreak at a private school. the school remains closed until monday while work is underway to sanitize every inch of the campus. students at two schools in santa rosa have become ill with what health officials called
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neural virus. 30 children and the monroe of maris who stay home on monday and 10 student at the middle school became ill last week and school janitors are sanitizing both buildings. movie rights attack. recruit
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>>reporter: we have a look at the bay area study that said this week stuff is just as bad as tobacco and alcohol. and a super bowl is just a day away. we will get the massive amount of money that will beat wagered on
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the superbowl, the news at 5:30 p.m. is up next.
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>>pam: oakland police chief has elected a new team of officers to help the manage the police to plummet. the chief also had harsh words about this violence that we saw over the weekend and harsh words for members of the occupy community that took part in the weekend protests.. >> i see that as a very embarrassing moment for the occupy movement. please >>reporter: these are some critical words of four from those involved in the most recent occupy oakland protest. >> when you have crossed the lines of anarchy by tearing into in building, that building they had been standing by for the last six
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weeks or three weeks or however long you have been there. the audacity to just tear that building of a new song by the footage that is pretty lonely. and then to top of it, to burn the american flag on the american soymeal is incomprehensible query in >>reporter: this house when jordan was in a luncheon at the time said those two incidents have sparked outrage across the nation. reexamine i have received more complaints from around country flies to with his caucus went if all around the country about that particular act. >> -that he what we can do to make a plea stagnating for gentile all weapons at our faces. van we plan to hold people accountable. >>reporter: what he has
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dedicated to investigating to deal with complaints from occupy oakland and she said that his colt who i that i've seen how protesters and realized that they can march peacefully in protest peacefully but he says that almost-- >>reporter: we are learning new information that we brought you last night live on our newscast according
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>>reporter: the 49ers hit another bigmouthed own. the nfl announced that it has approved a $200 billion loan to help fund the project. with this the last piece of funding needed to finish the billion dollar stadium. >>jacqueline: here is a live look from the mount tancam is a pretty dark picture out
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there right now. we have clouds along the coastline and taken the best on tracker 4. >>jacqueline: we just updated these comet is still 71 degrees. it is pretty mouth--mild there. >>jacqueline: here is a shot from earlier this afternoon. >>jacqueline: into tomorrow we have mostly sunny skies but cooler temperatures. >>jacqueline: will be mostly clear and cool. we have been
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changes coming up. >>catherine: in world news, ferociously cold weather in much of eastern europe. at least 63 people have died of hypothermia. cahow in romania, the river has frozen over and a huge protests in east, people are enraged by the failure of police to prevent this revisit that killed her and 74 people. the deaths are fueling a lot of anger at the tisch military. authorities that a closer look at the stadium today. you can see some of the scenes here, hundreds of people injured and all soccer games have been called off for the near future. if you look closely, you will see that this cannot lee originally set, the smile is a little
5:36 pm
bit off. but it will be unveiled to the public later this month. >>gabe: in other news, i am giving away the venture video game starter packs and with this game, you can bring your choice to live in a bold innovative game where players colette real-world interaction figures and teleport them to the mystical chord of power. in
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to win, go to my facebook page, like me and look for the sweepstakes tab on the left side. good luck i am gabe slate of kron4 news. >>pam: checking traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza the left side of your screen is traffic heading westbound not to that and certainly very light on the side. and traffic at the top of your screen is on 80. most of it is at a standstill.
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>>reporter: the shares in
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south carolina is apologizing for slapping a suspect. we have videos that will give you talking. >>kimberlee: 25 mi. high- speed chase was called on the-kan. this happen when the suspect nearly crashed into the sheriff's cruiser. who tried to pull the driver over the suspect took office received over 100 cows car. here you can see the police dogs and sheriff's deputies are wrestling of the suspects. he then he shot at the suspect vehicle in the chase.x that shooting prompted investigation from a state lawmaker officials. and check this out, screeners at new york, charlie beck airport are getting a lot of heat-set them aside and if a carrier for six hours when hundreds of passengers walk in nearby
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areas, i the bomb squad was later called in and determined that moves were not, but harmless or not, many were out racial this is our the lake. with loral made over this long delayed. now take it at this, watch the left side of your screen. you see a ball light travels from one side and all the way to the other across as a guide. the new faa says in this house like the leader, diesel from as far south and legal and far north like oklahoma city reported seen it and even the one and so >>pam: we are days away from her and your 46. americans are on track to spend more money than ever on the game this year. a new survey by the national retail federation estimates there people who shell out a record high of $7 billion. the average game what is expected to skin with a $60 on kron own merchandise, holding and snacks. his back sunday in the game between
5:43 pm
the giants and patriotism do business for everyone involved sunday's super bowl will be watched by millions around the world. in a betting on towards were legal or illegal in the-- went to check out what americans have waited over the last more years your last year, americans spent more than $87 million an hour sooner court to hear it but to use it for the americans were about stocks and the economy it was a lot less. compare that to the first it will match up 9 to the and it weighed in tone and 92 million into the other made. but also the only a casino in nevada actually lost money.
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>>jacqueline: here is a live look at our mount tancam.
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>>jacqueline: here is a look at your satellite and radar pictures.
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>>jacqueline: here is a live in your extended forecast. >>jacqueline: for more information on ski resorts and others, just logged on. barker your >>stanley: confirm you are looking at trash that was done and some of the doorway and offensive to go bay, can trash left there by
5:47 pm
residents of this home with encampment located on the on ramp on highway 280. correct burner for this is an area that is so hostile and that he expects--and that is still dirty even rats do not live long review of the resident abuse in the war as it of the press room and costing anything done here and in excellent order forfeiture like these at shopping cart as emperor and insulation from copper wire that was stolen from various locations. chris i had to and clear as loves it just to get around the kama to show this video. i tagged along with the state safety control. to have the job of keeping watch on all state properties limited to fit to run for different homeless inclement is located on or inside of the highways in san francisco and one thing that every encampment had in common, syringes. whether they were tack on a cap, one
5:48 pm
in can't harm to hike up this hill about or of a mile where we found live chickens. ross also found trash and public restrooms in the bushes that were so rose i decided not to show be interesting thing is this some just buy tender--the scene is that they had items such as this one that the police kept rejecting to see if it was stolen. and now all of the encampments and hence lines, and it but they were removed by the it is a legal resident and a matter of how many times this area is cleaned up... >>stanley: in return in the process starts over again hothouse--.
5:49 pm
>>pam: family has been getting a lot of serious responses will tell you who have stepped in to help deal with the problems. now take at a cemetery ridge, the headlights into hayward very heavy. we will be back.
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>>reporter: now they spent a lot of shoot to kill slowly. drinks like so are serious threat according to researchers because we would not feel this will when they drink sugar liquids compared to an eating sweets. people love their sugar and this is taking a toll, 17 percent of american children are already considered obese. the solution is to start taxing sugar just like alcohol and tobacco, you stay with us we are back right after this.
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cam data can't tell the story is at no. this evening.-- >>pam: are developing story is out of new work this evening. >>reporter: as you said before the swat team members are wrapping up here to tell us about what exactly happened. this is tom miller, tell us what went into this is the one behind bars? >> right now we have to suspect that a being investigated and detained for a possible clue mapping that it originated early this morning at about 3:00
6:00 pm
a.m. stint in the city of fremont. >>reporter: i know we were talking about a foursome for the kidnapping of carjacking chase trying to get to the bottom of it. and who swarm him some room >> we were able to keep the and the early this and want early this morning from the city of newa throughrk. the victim was a kindred was suffering head and body trauma. >>reporter: move to murder of her mind of the actually of the leading actress in document it and can't is in a deal have been here from which someone in the neighborhood of 5 + hours, mirror now when you got here, her i heard some loud
6:01 pm
no. is--a loud noises as well. >>pam: we have our tactical teams out here. there has been a number of tactics is deployed. we have amuse basically >>reporter: i want to paint for joining us we are running at a time, but to grapple with and to whom are in deficit and some sort of financing or carjacking case concerned earlier this morning. aha to assume new host-- --
6:02 pm
>> he had to protectants of soviet jewish he had to do. >> we tried to here are some of the could you do not know they will happen. it happened last night and hopefully it will not happen again. he sent out and played about human cliff is not the first time that some have come by shooting. about
6:03 pm
one month or two months ago, they were shooting right here at brian e. if we have limited that is that she you know how the economy is right now it is bad. the woman, the neiman and if it open because italian-and it hurts. because he is like my brother everyone here is like family. >>reporter: oakley city still had no suspect who in connection with the shooting of this shall martinez was killed at least a outside of his family's taco trucks. and police are sitting for a man and shot him and 89 in the street. the city found 18 shelton's--shell casings.
6:04 pm
the victim was identified at the man in his little time, the unit for an in the central valley and detectives as a and this is the case could be deemed to in 1988 hayward conditional. kron is and is now on death mill in san could secure the release 011 took door to--he recently wrote a letter to authorities saying that his are--what when dense to this get cheaper kahane with resemble this can't tell one of the suspect. memo if they
6:05 pm
knew some the more for the --but we will continue to talk with them and have heat to keep the dialogue open. >>reporter: this is a letter he wrote making and the complement him--comment about a possible connection with the case. herzog is now dead and authorities believe he killed himself two weeks out on parole.
6:06 pm
>>reporter: meanwhile, the mother of the missing kidnap victim is now speaking out about the new lead in the 23 year-old case. listen as she explains why she is now holding out hope about the tip coming from the convicted serial killer. >> i am fairly certain that he knows something about some cases i would not let all surprised if he knew where there were some bodies buried in whether he knows anything about my daughter's case or not i do not know. it is not a hopefully you. it would lead to finding out that my daughter is not alive and that is not something that i want to consider. >>pam: maureen kelly went out the side of the objection where she found people still affected by the decade. >>reporter: 23 years ago in nine bureau was that from this parking lot her of the duron jumped out from a, and
6:07 pm
it's not right yet. today a tree in front of the space is decorated in yellow ribbons with messages to the missing girl. here is one that reads michaela i love you for ever mom. another reads you cannot even imagine how much a person can miss a sister. this one is described, our prayers are with you. even though the grocery store has changed names, several people shopping here can never forget this case visually. >>pam: to have a young woman kidnapped in this parking lot is just unbelievable. >> i hope it the right person, i hope that the family will be satisfied with the results. >>reporter: video from the
6:08 pm
proposition a trowel will remain sealed. the u.s. court of appeals sided with her supporters of the same fix marriage ban that not want the video release. the ruling cited at the original trial judge is the promise that the video would only be used in chambers and not public during the proposition 8 trial, the judge ruled the ban to be unconstitutional and appealed. asked written transcript of the trial remain available. the founder of susan g. coleman for the cure is speaking out in response to a backlash as after the organization/funding used for breast exams at planned parenthood. we are doing now with more on this story. >>reporter: we have video of the studio and founder of susan g. coleman for the cure you are looking at right here. in this nearly four minute video, called
6:09 pm
the accusations with the organization hurtful. she said this in the part of a new branding strategy to eliminate those locations and free of more dollars for higher impact programs. supporters say that they are feeling that the organization has not changed. >> i guess they still do an awful lot of good in many areas but there is a question mark map. >> i would be more inclined to give money to it planned parenthood as a result. >>reporter: a spokesperson for planned parenthood said that susan g. cohen and her decision was not disappointed to hear. burn -- >>kimberlee: because of their decision to pull fund in the susan g. coleman foundation is now collecting a lot of backlash online. their web site was hacked earlier this one in check this out. the banner on the front page of the web site
6:10 pm
was changed car from do this, who to this. her protect did not stay up for a long it would remove a short time later. and to petition to established online. both are trying to put pressure on the susan g., based in traverse good decision. both have received an outpouring of support in this clearly over one day. the only route of hundreds of tons of signatures. several facebook pages have been created to protest his decision. but her near are just in humor a unique, and meanwhile, in a little over
6:11 pm
>>reporter: in just one day and it and yet mayor michael bloomberg plane smashed a to run the victim of the increase in the new bill makes a decent income for the funding that they would have received from susan home in this league millennium >>jacqueline: is certainly was allowed out there today creek timber took all like it to slide this in england aquarium in if he did five in navato, 15 to where--in 52 in enhancement. nelson
6:12 pm
icloud, moving in but mostly in this case into the night carried this is a shot from the mount tancam. once the sun comes up the have mostly sunny skies and cool to the cheers. we will see some queries in the bay area. timber chisel below 60 still. if laughter the weekend and i will have that is to come up and claim in your ticket forecast. >>reporter: this is a live picture from market.. we will be right back.
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>>vern: he is tough, he is smart and he sure. >>reporter: who would have picked is a while back? certainly not new gingrich the gingrich camp was so confident that donald trump would endorse him they leaked word that it would happen then cut to the trump hotel in las vegas than the reality show host than last thing mobile and what the endorsing the fellow businessman mitt romney and even mit romney theme a little surprising. >> there are some think you just cannot imagine happening in your life, this is one of them. it being in donald trump's that if san hotel having his endorsement is a delight. i am so honored and pleased to have his endorsement and i am looking for the endorsement of the people of nevada. >>reporter: if newt gingrich
6:17 pm
is soaking he is not showing lassie toward a las vegas plant earlier today he was asked about the impending enforcement. >> i am does watching in amazement. a >> in the latest media poll gives mit romney and the lead coming into the navato pocket. he has 45 percent support to newt gingrich 25 percent. with the greeks and from an ron paul far back with 11% and 9% respectively. it's hard to say how much a truck endorsement would mean a fight from providing a distraction and a white house briefing they were having some fun with it. >> the president seeking
6:18 pm
endorsement, i will not come over that one. >>reporter: ben bernanke said that while things were getting better for the last 2 1/2 years he is frustrated by the slow pace of the recovery. and data while conditions have certainly include of this period, the pace of the recovery has been frustratingly slow partly from the perspective of the millions of workers that remain and later under and fully. >>reporter: he says of course the risk that prices and making everything much more difficult. >>jacqueline: it certainly was a very nice to have it today temperatures in the upper 60 the number of places, even the low '70s unsettled, 72 degrees there. it was 68 in san jose, 68 in redwood city, 66 in san francisco and a sinking antioch in livermore. a very nice afternoon we'll start to see
6:19 pm
a lot of cool air filtering in. temperatures are still in the low 60s. when we haven't of cloud coverage in the morning. into saturday and sunday we have a little bit more high cloud coverage. but her with one temperatures and be nice and mild warning on saturday. let us take a look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. who again today we read and eskimo far. tomorrow in the snow or 60 scary--tomorrow in me or 60s. in looking your satellite coverage of our picture. >>jacqueline: it plays it
6:20 pm
again extended forecast. and 72 allies in major scene of will happen.
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>>reporter: which tracking neighborhood crime it focuses on uc-berkeley there have been a string of recent read on the east the campus. in january alone students reported a brief in six of them during the same week.
6:24 pm
this bike is obvious when you compare that to january and the year before when uc berkeley had just won reported robbery. the use seemed to be targeting the top end of the can police say one of them happen right in middle the day. police say that they are stepping up patrols on campus. we will take a short break and be right back.
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when >> what is not clear yet is with a share of the stock will cost. one point up the documents imply that
6:28 pm
facebook to value is at $100 billion. some analysts say that it is overvalued. we will be back with a lot more news ahead.
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>>reporter: it was a busy day for several florentines
6:31 pm
as they surrounded a house on this boulevard. >>reporter: continuing our coverage, michaela mother said she is a night--she is not putting a lot of faith in this recent discovery in the case. another reason she does not believe this is hopeful if it pans out could show that investigators find her that she is not still out there alive and well. >>reporter: in hayward police said they are working on three credible leads in the michaela garrett case, she the girl that was
6:32 pm
kidnapped from a parking not several decades ago. ray have experts from a national organization coming here to help them follow up with their investigation. >>reporter: visitors to a popular park are being warned about this man. fliers are being posted in places like here after a 14 year old female student was grabbed by a man recently on the trail. she was not harmed the students are no longer allowed to use park trails for after-school sports training as they have safety for years. and all park users are being urged to never hiked alone. >>reporter: here in oakland chief howard jordan called the decision by occupy oakland to break into city hall and burn the american flag is incomprehensible. he said that it is embarrassing
6:33 pm
for protesters. he said that he is received calls from our rage from across the nation. nevertheless he says complaint by occupy oakland against his office have not ceased. >>reporter: some supporters of susan g. coleman for the cure in the bay area are changing the way phil about the organization after plans were announced to slash funding for planned parenthood. a spokesperson for planned parenthood told me that they started to stop receiving funding 15 years ago because they no longer needed it. >>reporter: here in santa clara the final financial piece of the 49ers stadium puzzle has fallen into place. the nfl has approved it $200 million loan to help pay for the stadium building here. they say that this loan along with the $850 million the city has already secured clears the way for the product to move ahead. if all goes according to plan construction will begin
6:34 pm
this year but the stadium will be finished in 2015. >>jacqueline: here is a look at our temperatures from the day. in to the morning we had patchy low cloud coverage. as we head into the afternoon we have plenty of sunshine. >>jacqueline: here is a look your temperatures a neighborhood by neighborhood.
6:35 pm
>>jacqueline: we have a very dry nice weekend and into next week that could break down and we will see rain into monday and tuesday.-- enjoyable temperatures. the >> of our times they've met his office with i post it is to make a copy of it and this is considered a legal document. >>reporter: they now have 72 hours to clean up whatever they want to keep for
6:36 pm
caltrans come in. they will be cleaning up things like this and this needle floating in the war. caltrain is not the only one heading this way. they are also discussing what to do about this area. in fact, more than half a dozen agents and acting like three part series of freeway dollars and copper pirates are getting involved in the cleanup. the agency to include a california highway patrol, the county sheriff and the public utilities commission because of this major water supply pipe in the part of their crop and in the san francisco marine patrol that will take a closer look at the boats docked in the water illegally and especially this boat because of engine was reported stolen from clear 40. the other agencies include the san francisco department of the works, san francisco port authority, san francisco health department and some community outreach agencies
6:37 pm
and mental health workers. it is that people if they actually want help they can get it. and caltrain is looking for ways to silk hole where people remove the metal plates in london. the screen that is set for next week and i plan to be there to see what happened. in san francisco i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. sweetheart. we need to talk.
6:38 pm
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>>reporter: in detroit a 12 year old girl was shot and killed in an argument over a cellphone. the chou was shot at her home on doing schoolwork. two people approached the house accusing the mother of stealing a cellphone the owner decided and then they fired upon her. two people are now in custody. now mary
6:41 pm
ann olson allegedly sold fake facebook shares to people that she owed money to. at least five people purchased the stock the police think that there may be more victims. on the east coast, some treasure hunters say been found and ship $3 billion worth of platinum on board. it sunk back in 1942 canada treasure hunters say they have an agreement tonight in denver that allows group if the money and although they say they will allow it to charity. and we have very coming up. the man that has been to the last 35 super bowls, gary is up next.
6:42 pm
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>>gary: is no longer is the key issue but it hinges on if the nerves regenerate to a throwing arm tricep. now will improve enough to where he will be effective? right now, to doctors, isn't that a shame to bulletin indianapolis and the big stories peyton manning. nonetheless, two doctors say that paid manning could play football again next year. super sunday is almost here. kimberlee has not been much of the story. these guys are all jews hiding out. i saw one report that he may be between 70 and 80 percent effective. and then of course the new york giants there is one story with a lot of momentum that they say they will be ready to go. now one player was
6:46 pm
fined $20,000 for st. ides is tonight to talk to the media that is really the story of the week, so here is the guy talking now. >> and nothing, an honest mistake we link to the whole media day and i was meant exactly sure that this was going to be mentally so i wanted to spend with my family. it was a mistake it cost me one but it was a mistake nonetheless funicular and >> are there are a good team and we have to go out there and in a few better than we did the last time we played him. they are good against the run, they have some big guys inside. who put together a pretty good plan and hopefully work. >>gary: ready look like iraq guy with that hat. >> he is a clean-cut guy it is to try to be all a gangster with his hat? >>gary: is there anything wrong with that?
6:47 pm
>> it does not seem like his style. >>gary: and that me tell you, white people have sold to. and you are from wavy. but you know we still got it. some of us can get downright pam? pam >> i think it does put his hat on he was not try to recover. >>gary: no, he was trying to get out of tune if hon this meant to me his 35th straight super bowl coming to us live from indianapolis but if a hole a famous art. who will start and into the question, 35 straight years, who have children who have a grandchildren have you ever said maybe i will stay home when year? >> can you hear me? >>gabe: but this go ahead.
6:48 pm
it her >> court out--have them and honey bees and nearly hit and i can send we'll only have a lump sum of 35 it won't live press you the most and what then? >> i will say raymond berry because no tv is in and it >>gary: his wife is a republican here it me he hasn't but that we giving obama an easier ride to the white house cahoon could
6:49 pm
perhaps through their lives who plan? comes the hard but uses the data gathered now in his son the little saint i am sorry he is in sight-- inside. now what you see the giants and the patriot? in >> i think this will be a very close game. i think the giants will win by a defensive play. robert
6:50 pm
wrote--who >> our, our view of the mine that would some of us is three wins, that will put him a notch ahead of president obama? hot --and >> is really unfair to try to compare the error you cannot compare mohammad ali and joe louis. right now
6:51 pm
look sign brady is the best of his time. capoot--who >>gary: is that it the story about ladies and wife, who someone stole her tweets talking about in the hat. someone stole her tweet saying that she walked all the family to cray for tommy is a big story? >> in indianapolis in a cold country. the super bowl is just an end to move in and they are very excited about the super bowl. it's
6:52 pm
interesting that eli manning may make his mark in the city of his older brother. >>gary: after an abundance of testing and they should bring pain men into the 49ers? capoot-- >> hi nancy did injury getting much better as you get older it seems to get very worst. pam >>gary: and i know you had those nude pictures of madonna in miami.
6:53 pm
>>gary: what is she doing to her arms? >>gary: ok thing to very much. this is unusual because you are a restaurant again in 10 seconds who are you dining with right now? >> i deny you the last part. >>gary: it does not matter, mike ditka, ron schuler, mary matalin, barak obama and bill clinton's plea and he is a clean heart surgeon yet he took time to join us. art, your fabulous, thank you. that is a guy that is well connected. 35th consecutive super bowl and he still cannot get a nice telephone line. will be back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
>>gary: i see this coult.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
ashton kutcher and bruce willis descend on demi moore's home. i've kevin frazier from new york city. "the insider" son. >> demi moore's health crisis -- >> moore may have been in trouble long before friends calmed 911. >> is demi going to rehoob? >> daughter's rumer and tallulah. >> it's appropriate for the people who care about her to try and get her to get help. >> then -- >> i came to his home immediately. >> the soul train creator's son today on calling 911 after the suicide. >> what prompted don to take his life? >> he was depressed in poor health. is that true? >> how don cornelius' ex could


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